Sysnet AIR: Designing cross-platform ecosystems to improve user stickiness.

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Create a comprehensive workflow for Sysnet AIR, integrating mobile, desktop, and web experiences into a cohesive ecosystem. This ecosystem would aim to assist SMB's and solo operators in navigating the PCI DSS compliance journey while introducing additional value services to their business environments in attempt to improve user stickiness. Core objective was to create a vision prototype that would help to shape future 3-5 year roadmap for the company to follow as each one of the components of the system develops further in it's track.


Small and medium-sized businesses often struggle with managing PCI DSS compliance requirements while also seeking to enhance their business operations. Existing solutions lacked seamless integration across mobile, desktop, and web platforms, hindering user experience and efficiency.The onboarding workflows of mobile and desktop were completely isolated from the web portal and were primarily performed with a help of help desk agents over the phone causing significant increase in onboarding times and initial ROI.

User persona summaries and journey maps
User research walls, empathy maps and workflow mapping



User base diversity

Understanding the diverse user base and business environments and ensuring usability and effectiveness across different touch points and users with wide range of computer literacy.


Cross platform

Integrating mobile and desktop experience hooks into an existing web-centric ecosystem which being mindful of consistency and continuity of the user experience.


Time and system constraints

Balancing compliance requirements with the need for value-added services and iterating rapidly to produce a comprehensive workflow demonstration.

User persona summaries and journey maps
User persona summaries and journey maps



Research and persona development

Conducted thorough research to comprehend user demographics, behaviours, and business environments.  We created the "Moon Yoga Studios" combined business persona, representing various user profiles and business goals.


Competitive analysis

Evaluated competitors' mobile and desktop security applications to identify industry standards and gaps.


Journey mapping

Analysed potential journeys and developed a phased approach to introduce mobile experiences early in the user journey and seamlessly monitor desktop behaviour through mobile.


Focus groups + mid-fidelity

Organised frequent workshops, review sessions, and real-world testing with stakeholders and business operators to refine concepts iteratively. Produced over 150 screens, showcasing seamless interactions across mobile, web, and desktop interfaces.

Mid-fidelity prototyping for cross platform interactions
Mid-fidelity prototyping for cross platform interactions
Imitating possible conversations, getting down to tiniest detail
Imitating possible conversations, getting down to tiniest detail

Solution development

In addressing Sysnet's need for a comprehensive workflow, we concentrated on integrating mobile, desktop, and web experiences seamlessly to aid SMBs and solo operators in navigating PCI DSS compliance while enhancing their business environments. Beginning with thorough user research, including the creation of the "Moon Yoga Studios" persona, we analyzed competitors' offerings to inform our approach. We strategically introduced mobile experiences early, leveraging them to monitor desktop activity effectively. Through iterative design and stakeholder collaboration, we crafted a workflow demonstration of over 150 screens, emphasising smooth interactions. Our commitment to user-centric design and seamless integration ensured a compliant yet user-friendly product.


The resulting concept received a welcoming feedback from the internal teams and customer acquirers during demo's and feedback sessions. In the following years it has been used as a reference vision that served as a foundation for developing an ecosystem that housed over 5,000,000 users worldwide by the end of 2022.


stakeholders provided positive feedback


stated they would use the system more often


year vision of future developement

Web portal progressive disclosure based on consumption
Web portal progressive disclosure based on consumption
Web portal location management
Web portal location management

I was Product Design & UX Lead @ Sysnet

Leading internal and external design teams and overseeing UX.


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