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SYSNET faced a significant challenge with up to 70% of incoming support calls related to credential loss or login issues. Traditional approaches to improving the credentials recovery flow yielded minor improvements but failed to address the root cause.


Users, especially those undergoing PCI DSS compliance for the first time, struggled to recall their credentials after periods of inactivity. This resulted in increased pressure on support agents, impacting queue times and resolution of high-priority queries.

Conversation workflow prototyping



Large volume data analysis

Collecting, tagging and ensuring that correct information has been captured when gathering data from call center in order to identify which reasons for contacting help desk should be addressed first.


Lack of expertise

Concept design team has no previous expertise in designing chat bots or working with conversational design which posed challenges and a need for learning as we go by utilising technology and tools like Dialog flow.

Conversation workflow prototyping
Conversation workflow prototyping
Dialog flow, workflow studio
Dialog flow, workflow studio



User interviews

Recognising the need for a more effective solution, we conducted interviews with help desk agents and workshops with the product team to gain insights into user behaviours and pain points.


Identifying critical paths

To receive best return on our investment we worked on identifying most commonly reported issues that resulted in end users reaching for their phone.


Conversation design

Crafting conversational flows and interactions to create seamless and effective communication between users and the bot.

Dialog flow workflow and recipe management
Dialog flow workflow and recipe management

Solution development

In response, we embarked on designing a chatbot named Syzy using Google's Dialog Flow. By segmenting the most common issues—password loss and merchant ID loss—we tailored conversational UI flows to address these specific segments while keeping the scope manageable. Syzy was designed to assist users in various credential loss scenarios before escalating to a help desk agent if necessary.

Early prototypes of Syzy underwent rigorous testing internally with help desk agents and simulated call volumes to evaluate its effectiveness. By focusing on retrieving known user details first and prompting for supplementary information, Syzy streamlined the credentials recovery process. Test results indicated a significant shift, with up to 80% of users now successfully recovering their credentials through the chatbot.


The impact of Syzy was remarkable. Inbound call rates related to credentials recovery decreased by an estimated 80%, alleviating the burden on support desk staff. Moreover, overall customer satisfaction with support services increased as agents could respond more quickly and focus on resolving priority queries. Syzy's simple and elegant solution transformed the support experience, demonstrating the power of user-centered design and technology integration in addressing complex challenges.


inbound calls reduction


improved customer satisfaction


workflows substituted

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