Emotiv Labs : Designing a system for remote EEG data collection.

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The objective of the Emotiv LABS project was to pioneer the world's first remote EEG data collection platform, addressing the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal was to create a user-friendly and engaging platform that democratised access to neuroscience research, catering to both professional researchers and citizen scientists.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent closure of labs and universities, there arose a pressing need for a remote EEG data collection platform. Having already experimented with products like Omniscience, this led to the conception of Emotiv LABS, aiming to facilitate remote experimentation and data collection. However, the challenge lay in creating a platform that not only catered to professional researchers but also appealed to citizen scientists and enthusiasts, necessitating a departure from the traditional scientific aesthetic of existing Emotiv applications.

Workflow and experiments design journey mapping.
Website landing page.



Identity and branding

Developing a new identity and branding for Emotiv LABS that diverged from the conservative, scientific look of other Emotiv applications to attract a broader audience.


Existing infrastructure

With LABS serving as a delivery layer we had to rely and account for the pre-existing system used to create build experiments designed a number of years ago - Omniscience


Remote user testing

Being constrained by the ongoing pandemic restrictions we had o rely on remote operations 100% of the time which significantly lowered our ability to communicate with end users and stakeholders in a traditional manner. Luckily we had some previous experience on how to operate low an small when necessary.


Data analysis

Facilitating the analysis of collected EEG data to derive meaningful insights, despite the challenges posed by the diverse nature of remote experiments and participant environments.

Workflow and experiments design journey mapping.
Workflow and experiments design journey mapping.
Workflows designed to improve data quality through improving contact and signal quality.
Workflows designed to improve data quality through improving contact and signal quality.



Gamified experience

Promoting uptake of the platform by implementing gamification elements, such as a levelling system, to incentivise user participation and create a more engaging experience.


Remote experimentation

Ensuring the platform's usability and functionality for remote EEG data collection, enabling users to conduct experiments and contribute to research from any location.


In-app surveys and feedback

Utilising products remote nature we used in-app surveys and feedback collection loops to test assumptions with early adopters and enrolled users from beta release to participate in user research.

Gamified system designed for slow and steady progression through rewards.
Gamified system designed for slow and steady progression through rewards.
Omniscience experiment builder.
Omniscience experiment builder.

Solution development

To tackle the identified challenges, the focus shifted towards creating a distinct identity for Emotiv LABS that appealed to a broader audience while retaining the scientific rigor necessary for EEG research. This involved a redesign of the user interface and branding elements to create a more vibrant and inviting aesthetic.

Additionally, gamification elements, such as a levelling system, were integrated to enhance user engagement and incentivize participation. These elements provided users with tangible rewards and recognition for their contributions to research, fostering a sense of accomplishment and community.

Furthermore, the platform underwent rigorous testing to ensure seamless functionality for remote experimentation, with emphasis placed on user experience and data security. User feedback was continuously solicited and incorporated into iterative design updates to enhance usability and address emerging needs.


Emotiv LABS successfully addressed the challenges of remote EEG data collection, becoming the world's first platform of its kind. The implementation of gamification elements and a redesigned user interface contributed to high user engagement and participation rates. By democratising access to neuroscience research, Emotiv LABS facilitated the collection of thousands of brain data recordings, empowering both professional researchers and citizen scientists alike. As development concluded in early 2024, Emotiv LABS laid the foundation for future advancements in data collection and analysis, paving the way for new opportunities and technologies in neuroscience research.


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community engagement

Final release report detail.
Final release report detail.

I was Principle Designer & PO @ Emotiv

Leading multi-disciplinary design team.


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