EmotivPRO Mobile: From blank canvas to MVP release in 3 month.

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Transition the desktop-oriented EEG data collection tool to a mobile platform, overcoming challenges in feature prioritisation, user experience design, and strategic alignment. The project focused on designing an intuitive user interface that optimised mobile usability while maintaining core functionality and alignment with business objectives. Core KPI to maximise mobile adaptation, aiming for 50% user base in M3.


With the absence of quantitative research and analytics within the desktop app, identifying essential features for mobile adaptation and understanding user behaviour becomes inherently difficult. Additionally, the spatial limitations of mobile screens necessitate careful consideration in selecting and presenting data streams and interface elements.

Survey and interview data collection and analysis from 50+ participants.
Analysis of EmotivPRO Desktop UI and feature priority votes.



Feature prioritisation

Determining which features of Emotiv PRO desktop are essential for mobile adaptation, considering the limitations of mobile interfaces and the diverse needs of professional users.


User experience design

Designing an intuitive and efficient user interface for Emotiv PRO Mobile that maintains the functionality and depth of the desktop version while optimising for mobile usability and screen real estate.


Quantitative research and analytics

Overcoming the lack of quantitative research and analytics within the desktop tool to understand user behavior and prioritize features effectively for mobile adaptation.


Spatial limitation

Addressing the challenge of presenting multiple data streams, device statuses, and interaction elements within the constrained space of a mobile screen without sacrificing usability or clarity.


Time constraint

Meeting the ambitious timeline of three months to develop and launch the MVP of Emotiv PRO Mobile, requiring efficient decision-making, streamlined development processes, and effective collaboration among the project team.


Strategic alignment

Ensuring that the development of Emotiv PRO Mobile aligns with the long-term product strategy for the Professional suite of apps, considering business objectives and market demands.

Survey and interview data collection and analysis from 50+ participants.
Survey and interview data collection and analysis from 50+ participants.
Originally proposed VS rescoped MVP workflow.
Originally proposed VS rescoped MVP workflow.




To understand user needs, we developed a survey that explored feature usage, desired functionalities, and app use cases. This yielded valuable quantitative and qualitative data.

In collaboration with marketing, we launched an email campaign targeting previous mobile solution inquiries. While the initial email had low response (2), a follow-up campaign offering a store discount incentive significantly increased participation, gathering over 50 responses in a day.



We conducted in-depth interviews with EEG data collection professionals to understand their workflow, needs, and expectations. This qualitative research revealed valuable insights into their perceived strengths and weaknesses of mobile research applications. Notably, video capture and touch-based controls for marking events during and after recording emerged as highly desired features.


Contextual inquiry

We observing professionals in their natural environment as they performed EEG data collection tasks to understand the context of use, workflow challenges. This research informed spatial design decisions and helped us optimise the presentation of data streams and interface elements.


User tests

By making low fidelity prototypes we quickly tested our ideas with the professional EEG researchers internally to help us validate concepts that worked and also tested those that passed initial filters with engineers to check for feasibility of development.

Experiment phase and event marker color mapping to avoid color context loss cross device.
Experiment phase and event marker color mapping to avoid color context loss cross device.
Lo-fi prototype for user testing.
Lo-fi prototype for user testing.

Solution development

Surveys helped us prioritise features for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), focusing on three key data streams and essential device status displays.

We introduced "Experiment Templates" to let users save and customise experiment settings, tailoring the data view and controls to their preferences. This democratises advanced research on mobile.

We planned features like experiment building and video recording for future releases, ensuring the app's scalability and competitiveness with desktop solutions.

User testing confirmed the effectiveness of on-screen controls and explored options for remote event triggering with USB/Bluetooth hardware.

Taking a lean approach, we reduced the initial scope (from 18 epics/100+ user stories) to focus on 6 epics/28 user stories for the MVP. This streamlined development with close to 200 UI screens. Early integration of QT analytics with over 100 event tracks ensured valuable user data collection from the start.


In prioritising innovation for Emotiv PRO Mobile, we placed user-centred design at the forefront. Extensive research through surveys, interviews, and user observations provided valuable insights. User feedback analysis revealed video capture and touch-based event marking as top priorities, which were then validated through low-fidelity prototypes.

This resulted in a refined interface for the MVP featuring separate control and device panels, alongside customisable Experiment templates. Strategically, the MVP was designed for future expansion with integrated QT analytics, all within a tight three-month deadline.


M1 user uptake, 10% short of M3 goal


scope reduction


unique mobile features

Hi-fidelity prototyping for 28 user stories.
Hi-fidelity prototyping for 28 user stories.
Pre-release demo prototype by Andrew Cassidy.
Pre-release demo prototype by Andrew Cassidy.

I was Principle Designer & Product Owner @ Emoitv

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