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The objective of this project was to enhance the Sysnet Protect Mobile compliance app by incorporating a set of initial Cyber Security features, while establishing a clear roadmap for future iterations. As a team lead and design facilitator, my role was to ensure alignment between design decisions and the company's business objectives, with a focus on user experience, accessibility, and brand consistency.


Sysnet Protect Mobile needed to evolve to meet the increasing demand for cyber security features in compliance applications. However, integrating these new features while maintaining usability and consistency presented a challenge. Additionally, there was a need to ensure that the design catered to diverse user personas and adhered to accessibility standards, all while fitting seamlessly into the overall ecosystem experience.

High-fidelity mock up detail. UI design by Frontend studio.
250+ screens designed by Frontend studio team to create a high-fidelity prototype for user testing.



Feature interlinking

Incorporating new cyber security features while preserving existing functionality posed a significant challenge. The team needed to ensure that the introduction of these features did not compromise the app's usability or overwhelm users with excessive complexity.


User personas diversity

Catering to the diverse needs of user personas presented another hurdle. The design team had to conduct thorough research to understand the varying requirements of different user groups and ensure that the app addressed these needs effectively.

High-fidelity mock up detail. UI design by Frontend studio.
High-fidelity mock up detail. UI design by Frontend studio.



Design sprints

In order to efficiently get through the large volume of work we utilised Google Design sprint methodology aiming to fully complete one feature every week.


Prototyping and user tests

We tested solutions at every fidelity level to quickly identify design failures and mmake fixes before advancing to the next steps.


Future vision

Not all of the designed work was planned as part of the initial release and was aimed at creating a fure vision fo rthe product to ensure the scalability inthe years to come and be able to plan for all the features on the long term roadmap.

Material design 2 UI kit adopted for Viking Cloud brand.
Material design 2 UI kit adopted for Viking Cloud brand.
Final VC branded screens.
Final VC branded screens.

Solution development

Through collaborative efforts with the Frontend Studio team in Dublin, we developed an end-to-end mobile application flow design. This design served as the foundation for integrating new patterns and features into the mobile application over the course of three years. Throughout the development process, we prioritised user feedback and iteratively refined the design to ensure optimal usability and effectiveness.


The result of the three-month project was a comprehensive mobile application design that seamlessly integrated cyber security features while maintaining usability and brand consistency. By establishing a clear roadmap for future development iterations, we ensured that Sysnet Protect Mobile would continue to evolve and meet the changing needs of users and the market. This approach facilitated long-term success and sustainability for the application.


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